Locally sourced love


A locavore is described as someone who strives to only eat foods sourced within a 100 mile radius of their home.

This is indeed a noble endeavor, although one that can be nearly impossible to do. Most of Us just do not have the time, resources, or knowledge to pull it off. Where on earth do we find locally sourced exotic items such as “beef” or “pork”? And for the love of Pete, where are the tomatoes in December…can someone please think of the tomatoes? I kid, I kid. Seriously though, it can be pretty hard to find the food we like to eat all year round. Depending on where you live, fresh produce can be very seasonal. Here in the Pacific NW, the growing season varies a bit, but for the most part you are talking about April through August. Then you have to consider what doesn’t even grow in your region. We do not see a lot of local citrus around here. So, my take on the locavore movement is to utilize your resources the best you can and not worry about what you can’t control!

So where do we find what the locals eat?

Farmers markets are a great start, and not just for food. There is a lot of behind the scenes info going on there. Check out the produce stands – who has the biggest and brightest fruit and veggies? Ask them how they make their produce grow so well, and a common answer (besides love) is what goes in the soil; AKA manure (tip; this also a great way for vegans to find out how their food is grown). Okay, so what do we do with this info? Does the manure come from a ranch that raises cattle? If so, do they butcher said cattle? Another great source is the local butcher shop, and I don’t mean the grocery store. They will probably know all the local ranchers and livestock farms. By asking our local butcher crew, I learned that we have two pig farms, four poultry farms and a cattle ranch all within 50 miles of our home. Don’t just think about the farmers market for veggies and fruit either, but also local kombucha, jam, honey and cheese. Here we have so many coffee roasters and tea shops, that you would never need to wrangle a cart through the coffee aisle again. The list goes on and on.

So am I a locavore? The short answer is no. But I sure do try, and it’s a bonus that I have the privilege of helping out a local artisan and their business. When you think about it, without our locals growing and raising sustainable food, what is the hope for future generations? 20 pound orange potatoes? Soylent green? No thanks, I’ll take some locally sourced love!

***Disclaimer, if you were here looking for some tips on the local dating scene…well, sorry about that. But I do hope you found something new to love locally :-)***

Cheers, Blue

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