Curiosities about eating healthy in Brazil

Hello everyone! My name is Nana, and I am publishing my very first post here at HellohealthyCooking . Yay! I couldn’t be happier about this, especially because I will share with you a little something about my beloved Brazil – my home country. Last April, my family and I went for a trip to BrazilContinue reading “Curiosities about eating healthy in Brazil”

But what do I really need???

To say I have a bit of a fixation with anything you find in a kitchen would be a correct assessment, maybe even an understatement. I can’t help myself. I am fascinated by kitchen gear. But what do we really need? I mean there has to be a limit on what we cram into our cookingContinue reading “But what do I really need???”

Little kids, grown up diets and the Tao of a peaceful meal.

If you’re like me, and have a little kid(s) then you know what a struggle it can be to please everyone at meal time. Our daughter is a pretty good eater, though she is prone to change her likes and dislikes seemingly on a whim. The problem is that what she likes and what weContinue reading “Little kids, grown up diets and the Tao of a peaceful meal.”

Waste not, Want not, that’s what I always say.

A famous saying for sure, and one I repeat to myself on a fairly regular basis. I have mentioned before on this site that I have a bit of a problem with people wasting food. I’m sure my daughter can attest to that. One of the many lessons I learned in my culinary career wasContinue reading “Waste not, Want not, that’s what I always say.”

Locally sourced love

A locavore is described as someone who strives to only eat foods sourced within a 100 mile radius of their home. This is indeed a noble endeavor, although one that can be nearly impossible to do. Most of Us just do not have the time, resources, or knowledge to pull it off. Where on earthContinue reading “Locally sourced love”

I’m just pickled pink to kraut your acquaintance.

Yeah, I know the headline is a pretty big stretch and most of you are just shaking your heads. But if I got at least a few of you to smile, then my day is made! Pickling and fermenting foods is about as old a means to preserve food as you will find. The ChineseContinue reading “I’m just pickled pink to kraut your acquaintance.”

Oh, that’s comfy!

There are so few things that stretch across all cultures, we can seemingly argue about anything and everything under the sun. However, even in today‚Äôs hyper-charged atmosphere of politics and world events, there is one thing we all can peacefully talk about. Food, or, more specifically, comfort food. No matter where you come from, thereContinue reading “Oh, that’s comfy!”

My First Garden Adventure

My mother-in-law was scheduled to stay with us for a few weeks, and our home needed a little sprucing up. One of the items I was tasked with was cleaning up the back yard, so we could enjoy it during her visit. At first glance, “no big deal” I thought. Oh, but I thought wrong.Continue reading “My First Garden Adventure”