Warm Baba Ganoush salad

BLE compliant; gluten free; low sodium; low carb; vegan; vegetarian This little dish from Lebanon typically is served cold, but I have become rather fond of it warmed up. My first experience of eating baba ganoush came about in a surprising way. I had to travel all the way to Brazil. My then fiancee andContinue reading “Warm Baba Ganoush salad”

Eggplant Lasagna

BLE friendly; Vegetarian option; Vegan option; Low carb; Low Sodium Sometimes, when eating healthy, we start to crave the foods that we used to eat. My wife loves pasta. I mean she could eat pasta three times a week and never tire of it. So, when we removed all forms of flour from our diet,Continue reading “Eggplant Lasagna”