Sheet pan cod with asparagus, carrot, lemon and a funny thing.

BLE compliant; gluten-free; low carb; omega 3 booster; Seafood is a funny food for me, not funny haha, but funny as in it is rarely a go to meal for me. I usually go for chicken or pork, heck I turn to meatless options before seafood usually. What’s even funnier about this is that IContinue reading “Sheet pan cod with asparagus, carrot, lemon and a funny thing.”

Lemon Zest Zoodles

Side dish; Vegan; Vegetarian; Gluten-free; BLE complaint Sides, sides, everywhere sides! The premise of side dishes is easy enough, it’s food that goes alongside a main dish. Right? Usually some veggies, maybe a grain or two. Side dishes are sort of like chaperones on a first date, if they are not there, who knows whatContinue reading “Lemon Zest Zoodles”