The Earth is round, but these meatballs are flat!

BLE friendly; Low carb; Low sodium; gluten-free Most of you have made meatballs at some point and time in your life, perhaps they even bring back fond memories of family and friends. In our house, they are considered comfort food on those dark and windy winter days. Most recipes are pretty standard, usually a comboContinue reading “The Earth is round, but these meatballs are flat!”

Veggie frittata, a weeknight savior.

Getting dinner on the table every night can be a challenge, you know it, I know it, heck even “they” know it. This is especially true when you have diet restrictions, and when you don’t like eating the same old things every other day. I try to vary our meals, and we do plan eachContinue reading “Veggie frittata, a weeknight savior.”

Top O’ the mornin’ to ya!

BLE friendly, low carb, gluten free So this might be after the fact, but I wanted to share with you a new way to do St. Patty’s day. This year I wanted to try a different technique when it came to our St. Patricks day feast. Besides the smaller portions and lower calories, I wantedContinue reading “Top O’ the mornin’ to ya!”

Green Tomato Soup

BLE friendly; Vegan; Gluten-free; Vegetarian The end of summer, days grow shorter, and the leaves are starting their annual transformation. Soon, the long lazy afternoons will give way to bundled up walks, and scrapping ice off the windshield. But never fear, I have something to make it all a little easier to…err, stomach. Soup! Ah,Continue reading “Green Tomato Soup”

Roast Chicken, and observations on simplicity.

BLE compliant; low sodium; low carb; gluten free There are volumes written on enjoying the simple things in life, there are also volumes written on cooking the perfect roast chicken. But why are there no books written on both, you know, together? If you really think about it, they reside together on the same planeContinue reading “Roast Chicken, and observations on simplicity.”

Sheet pan cod with asparagus, carrot, lemon and a funny thing.

BLE compliant; gluten-free; low carb; omega 3 booster; Seafood is a funny food for me, not funny haha, but funny as in it is rarely a go to meal for me. I usually go for chicken or pork, heck I turn to meatless options before seafood usually. What’s even funnier about this is that IContinue reading “Sheet pan cod with asparagus, carrot, lemon and a funny thing.”

Warm Baba Ganoush salad

BLE compliant; gluten free; low sodium; low carb; vegan; vegetarian This little dish from Lebanon typically is served cold, but I have become rather fond of it warmed up. My first experience of eating baba ganoush came about in a surprising way. I had to travel all the way to Brazil. My then fiancee andContinue reading “Warm Baba Ganoush salad”

Let’s go bowling, no gutter balls please!

BLE-friendly; low carb; vegetarian; vegan; low sodium; Now, when it comes to the latest trends, and what is hot, let’s just say I’m not exactly in the know. I haven’t updated my phone in a few years, and I was one of those fools in the 90’s that thought computers were just a passing fancy.Continue reading “Let’s go bowling, no gutter balls please!”

I’m just pickled pink to kraut your acquaintance.

Yeah, I know the headline is a pretty big stretch and most of you are just shaking your heads. But if I got at least a few of you to smile, then my day is made! Pickling and fermenting foods is about as old a means to preserve food as you will find. The ChineseContinue reading “I’m just pickled pink to kraut your acquaintance.”

Soft Poached Egg Drop Soup

BLE friendly; Gluten-free; Low carb Most people have had, or at least have heard of egg drop soup. You know the one, usually found in Chinese restaurants as a starter soup. Well, my wife wanted soup and salad for lunch one chilly day, and we didn’t have much in the way of homemade soup fixings.Continue reading “Soft Poached Egg Drop Soup”