Roasted celery root, with carrot and onion.

BLE compliant; gluten free; low sodium; vegetarian; vegan One thing about side dishes that we take for granted is their versatility. There are so many side dishes that can be paired with other dishes, that we forget to search out new and exciting foods. Instead we stay in our lane, doing what feels safe. EverContinue reading “Roasted celery root, with carrot and onion.”

Warm Baba Ganoush salad

BLE compliant; gluten free; low sodium; low carb; vegan; vegetarian This little dish from Lebanon typically is served cold, but I have become rather fond of it warmed up. My first experience of eating baba ganoush came about in a surprising way. I had to travel all the way to Brazil. My then fiancee andContinue reading “Warm Baba Ganoush salad”