Twice Baked Butternut Squash

Side dish; Vegan; Vegetarian; Gluten-free; BLE compliant Recipe Serves 4 1 Medium butternut squash, peeled (you should see deep orange), halved length wise 1 teaspoon cinnamon Salt and pepper Cooking spray 2 tablespoons butter Directions Preheat oven to 400F With cut side facing up, spray a little cooking spray all over the squash. Season withContinue reading “Twice Baked Butternut Squash”

Tamari Braised Baby Bok Choy

Side dish; Vegan; Vegetarian; Gluten-free; BLE complaint Recipe Serves 4 4 medium sized baby bok choy heads, halved 2 ΒΌ inch ginger slices, skin left on 1 clove garlic smashed 2-3 green onions, green part only, 1 inch pieces ( save the whites for another use) 2 tablespoons Tamari (low sodium soy sauce is fine)Continue reading “Tamari Braised Baby Bok Choy”